Canadian Rockies

Whether your interest lies in wildlife watching, botany, landscape photography, or general natural history, a tour in the Canadian Rockies will exceed your expectations! 

We've created three different tours - Spring in the Southern Ranges, Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies, and Rut in the Rockies - whose itinerary varies to match the changing seasons. Unlike any other tours operating in the Canadian Rockies, our focus will be on quality wildlife viewing in spectacular wilderness settings.

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SpringSummer and Autumn photo Galleries.


Early Spring in the Southern Ranges

May        10 days, 9 nights     

This general natural history tour will focus primarily on larger mammals and migrating birds typical of the wetlands, prairie, montane and boreal landscapes of the southern Canadian Rockies. With winter snow still present in high passes and sub-alpine valleys of the Rockies southern ranges, many of the large mammals (Mountain Goats, Bighorn Sheep, Elk, Moose, Bears etc.) will be concentrated at lower altitude and we would hope to improve our chances of seeing some of the more elusive mammals such as Wolf and maybe some of the larger cats too if we are very lucky. Our journey south should also provide opportunities to see prairie species such as Plains Bison and 13-lined Ground Squirrel as well as the chance to catch the early shows of spring wildflowers in the southern montane valleys .  Spring bird migration will be well underway and bird numbers and diversity should be about at their peak providing some excellent birding opportunities.

This tour is limited to just 6 people and these will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

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June        14 days, 13 nights       

The Canadian Rockies are renowned for spectacular mountains, sky-blue glacial lakes, and thundering waterfalls. However, for the enthusiastic naturalist there is so much to discover beyond this awe-inspiring backdrop. While many people visit the Canadian Rockies hoping to see wildlife, often they come up short, having spent most of their time travelling or caught in the crowds checking off a "must-see" list. We have worked hard to create an itinerary that will not only show-case this area, but also give us the best opportunities to experience the diversity of flora and fauna in this mountainous region:

  • Mammals - such as Moose, Pika, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Black and Grizzly Bear, Hoary Marmot, Elk, Beaver and ground squirrels
  • Birds - such as Pine Grosbeak, Cedar Waxwing, Clark's Nutcracker, Gray Jay, Common Loon, and Osprey
  • Montane and Alpine Flowers - such as several species of Orchids (Calypso, Yellow Lady's Slipper, Round-leaf Orchid, etc.), Glacier and Wood Lily, Red Paintbrush, Yellow Mountain Avens, and Shooting Star

This tour is limited to just 8 people and will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

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Rut in the ROCKIES

October       10 days, 9 nights       

Autumn in the Canadian Rockies is a special time; the colours are changing, snow is falling on the mountains, and the crowds of summer visitors have dissipated. Along with this calm of the environment comes an increase in energy in ungulates as they go through their annual rutting season. This tour will hope to experience some of the action and drama associated with the autumn rut of Elk, Moose, Deer and Bighorn Sheep against the spectacular scenery and landscapes of the front and main ranges.

This is a general natural history tour but we know the tour will provide some fantastic opportunities for photographers of all abilities and should suit anyone looking to capture some action and drama in their wildlife images. This is a small group tour affording us better wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities and, with lots of time spent at productive wildlife hotspots, there should be plenty of opportunities to get creative too. Think low angle autumn light, misty mornings over frost-covered grasslands and fresh snow fall on the mountains and you get the picture. 

This tour is limited to just 6 people and these will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Contact us for more information and prices.