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Organizing your own holiday travel itinerary can be fraught with difficulties if you actually want to see wildlife. It’s all too easy to find yourself on a relentless road-trip, peppered with single night stays in over-priced motels and fleeting stops at busy tourist traps; leaving your wildlife encounters mostly to chance.

With our extensive experience of guiding natural history tours and working closely with wildlife both in Canada and around the globe, we know exactly how a good natural history tour should work. Our itineraries are carefully crafted. We know that, for quality wildlife viewing, you need to be in the best locations at the best time. We aim to adopt a ‘linger longer’ approach with our wildlife watching; giving us plenty of quality time away from the crowds, and closer to the wildlife.

We never forget that this is your holiday. We work closely with the best local operators and work hard to find the most comfortable accommodation and great local restaurants and eateries; all in locations that ensure that we are never far from the wildlife and wilderness we love.  

Our tour prices are simple. They include the cost of all excursions and activities, all accommodations, all meals, all tips and all local taxes. There are no hidden costs.

All our tours start and finish at major international airports and operate around scheduled international flight times. All you need to do is book your own flight and turn up.... we’ll be there to meet you and take care of the rest.

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